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The Benefits of Leasing Technology

Matt Kennedy (C) 2013


Today's business owners have many questions about effectively managing the technologies they need to compete. This presentation breaksdown the benefits of leasing versus a cash purchase, provides real-world examples and gives owners the information they need before obtaining technology for their company.

Leasing Versus Purchasing Dental Equipment

Paul Rick (C) 2013


This presentation offers an overview of a complex topic for small- and mid-sized practices, and properly considering these materials can result in greater effeciency and higher practice values for dentists.

Steps in a Lease-Buy Analysis

Pat Obi (C) 2014


Walk through this multi-step process, with anecdotes and case studies that bring each step to life.  This process helps to maximize the financial return, minimize tax liability, plan for contingencies and increase the likelihood of successfully acquiring the use of equipment for your business.

Buy-Side M&A: An Art or a Science?

John Colley (C) 2013


Viewing the dealscape from the buyer’s perspective it’s important to understand drivers like:  Does the company fit strategically within the buyer’s business model?  How does the target company make money?  How much is based upon regularly occurring income?  Are there to be vertical- or horizontal- competencies to be gained in acquisition?  Are there shared vendors where economies of scale can demand price breaks?

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