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The TCP Leasing Customer:

  • Global supplier of oil and gas exploration equipment

  • North American headquarters leases most technology equipment from TCP

  • 2,500 employees at this location

  • Customer since 1998


The Solution
By terminating the existing leases early and installing new equipment, the customer combined two major events into one. All necessary work for both the upgrade and the tech refresh happened away from users’ desks with minimal work disruption. And, as an additional bonus, the customer cut its monthly lease payment for PCs and laptops by 35 percent.


How We Did It
Because TCP is independent from a parent manufacturer, we encouraged the customer to shop each of the major PC manufacturers and consider undergoing a technology refresh ahead of schedule. Without a captive lessor having a hold on the company, it had nothing to lose by getting multiple equipment quotes. Additionally, if the customer wanted to switch brands we would help make it happen.


Sure enough, the customer found it had enough bargaining power to secure great pricing on new equipment – and it was not from the incumbent. Some simple calculations by TCP revealed that installing new equipment right away would translate into immediate savings. Why? With a motivated new manufacturer looking to displace a competitor’s footprint, the lower negotiated price on the PCs allowed TCP to write a new lease with a 35 percent reduction on the monthly payments.


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How Leasing with an Independent Saved One Company 35% (Continued)

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