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Pre-Approved Financing

Getting new/used medical equipment requires that you make good decisions about the equipment and your financial options. Fortunately, there’s a way to make the financial part much easier: get preapproved before you start shopping. Get that out of the way so that you can focus on you’re the equipment’s features, benefits, and price.

Why get Preapproved?  When you get preapproved, you gain negotiating power, and you avoid last-minute surprises (which often come after you’ve spent time and energy on a deal).  Getting preapproved gives you important details, such as:

  • How much can you afford? You don’t want to fall in love with an auto that will break your finances. Alternatively, if you’re going to splurge, you can do so with confidence.

  • How much are monthly payments at various purchase prices? Don’t let the equipment dealer’s staff figure this out for you – they can “massage” the numbers to make a purchase look more appealing (while at the same time it becomes more expensive).

Shop like a cash buyer: when you get preapproved, you’re buying equipment based upon its features and price – which are the most important factor.

Understand the costs: your expenses are more transparent when you’re in charge of financing. There’s no fuzzy math where you have to evaluate optional features.

Smooth sailing: if you’ve gone through the preapproval process, you can buy whenever you’re ready. Other buyers may find out about significant problems at the last minute.  You can do your shopping and buying all within the same day if you want.

Negotiate on Price:  Unfortunately, medical equipment dealers sometimes get a bad reputation.  SO having preapproved financing helps you negotiate on what really matters:  the equipment's price and not the dealer financing package.  Dealers are notorious for trying to focus your attention elsewhere.  That way, they, they have room to fiddle with other parts of the deal.  When you go in with preapproved financing - there are no games to play.  You and TCP have already agreed to the financing, and the dealer just needs to decide if your offer to buy is high enough for them to sell the equipment you need.  Make it simpler.  Going in without an offer means you'll have to deal with other aspects.  The buying process can be grueling, so focus your attention on what you know will work.


The back office:  Don't worry about the logistics of funding your purchase.  When you get preapproved, you can focus on finding the equipment that's right for you.  The dealer will work with us to complete funding and coordinate setup.  You're not a banker, and you don't need to be.

Sometimes it’s wise to keep your financing details to yourself. Let the dealer know that you will not need financing, and keep negotiations focused on price. If you let them know that you’ve financing lined up elsewhere, you can keep the conversation where you want it to be.


Compare:  We all know buying expensive medical equipment is stressful and time consuming.  So much is at stake:  Get the wrong equipment and you can’t properly treat your patients.  Buy a damaged unit and suffer the downtime and costs of repairs.  Pay too much and feel cheated and maybe even, embarrassed.  And the buying process feels like such a huge waste of time!  


If you hate the idea of searching for the equipment you need, you’ll find Technology Capital Partners’ (TCP) services a savvy alternative designed to save you time and money in obtaining the exact medical equipment you seek.  If you hate the idea of searching for the equipment you need, you’ll find Technology Capital Partners’ (TCP) services a savvy alternative designed to save you time and money in obtaining the exact medical equipment you seek.



Need to sell older equipment first?  We’ll “shop” it to dealers and wholesalers to help you get the most money for your trade. We’ll work to get you the best deal, the best incentives, the best rebates – even freebies (like setup, in some cases). Finally, we’ll offer you financing options to get you the best deal. We make equipment buying is as easy as ordering takeout!

Let us locate the equipment you need, at the best possible price.  Get us working on your behalf today!  No obligation.

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We locate new/used MRI Scanners for sale from top brands such as Philips, including the Philips Intera 1.0T, Philips chieve 1.5T XR, Philips Infinion 1.5T, Philips Ingenia 1.5T, Philips Achieva 3.0T TX, Philips Ingenia 3.0T, Philips Panorama HRO Open, Philips Intera Mobile, and Philips Intera Power Mobile; Siemens, includinng the Siemens MAGNETOM Harmony 1.0T, Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T, Siemens Aera 1.5T, Siemens MAGNETOM Verio 3.0T, Siemens Trio 3.0T, Siemens Allera 3.0T, Siemens 0.2T MAGNETOM Open Viva, and Siemens C0.35T; GE, including the GE SIGNA 1.0T highspeed LX, GE Signa HDxt 1.5T, GE Signa Excite 1.5T, GE Optima MR45w 1.5T, GE Signa Vibrant 1.5T, GE Signa HDxt 3.0T, GE Signa Excite 3.0T, GE Profile Open, GE Signa, .35T Ovation Excite Open, and GE EchoSpeed Plus Mobile; Picker such as the Picker Polaris 1.0T; Toshiba, such as the Toshiba VANTAGE Titan 1.5T, Toshiba VANTAGE Atlas 1.5T, Toshiba VANTAGE Titan 3.0T, and Toshiba Opart .35T Open; Hitachi , inlucding the Hitachi Echelon 1.5T, Hitachi AIRIS Mate Open, Hitachi MRP 7000, Hitachi APERTO Lucent Open, Hitachi Altaire Open, Hitachi OASI 1.2T Open, Hitachi AIRIS Vento Open, and the Hitachi AIRIS Elite Open; ONI as in te ONI MSK Extremeity; Esaote, like the Esaote E-Scan Extremity, and Esoate S-Scan Extremity; and the FONAR Stand Up system. 


No matter what type you are looking for in CT equipment, we locate the right CT unit for you from top brands such as Philips, including the Philips AcqSim, Acqsim Big Bore, Acqsim Single Slice, Biograph 40 Slice Brilliance 40 Slice, Brilliance 6 Slice, Brilliance 64 Slice, Brilliance Big Bore, S5332Q Dura Akron, Brilliance ICT Essen, Brilliance IDT 16 Slice, Dunlee CTR 21150, Dunlee CTR 2112, ICT 256 Slice, MOBILE Brilliance 16, MRC 600 & 800; Toshiba, including the Toshiba Activion 16 Slice, Aquilion 160 Slice, Aquilion 64 Slice, Aquilion MS 16 Slice, Aquilion One 320 Slice, Asteion Multi/Quad, Asteion Super 4 Slice, Siemens, including the Siemens Definition AS Plus 1, DS 128 Slice, Emotion 16 Slice, Emotion 6 Slice, Emotion Duo, Sensation 10 Slice, Sensation 16 Slice O, Sensation 40 Slice, Sensation 64 Slice, Sensation Open 16 Slice, Somatom Emotion 16, Somatom Emotion 6, Somatom Sensation 16, Somatom Sensation 40, Somatom Sensation 64, Somaton Volume Zoom; GE including the BrightSpeed Elite 16, BrightSpeed Elite SE, BrightSpeed Excel 4, Brilliance 16 Slice, Brilliance 4 Slice, Brilliance Edge 8 Slice, Brivo 385, CT/e, CT580 Wide Bore 16 S, Cti, Cti Single Slice, Discovery HD 750, Discovery LS 16 Slice, DLS4, Lightspeed 16 PRO Xt, Lightspeed 16 Slice, Lightspeed 32 Slice, Lightspeed 4 Slice, Lightspeed 8 Slice, Lightspeed CT/iSing, Lightspeed Plus 4 Sl, Lightspeed Pro 16 Sl, Lightspeed QX/I, Lightspeed Qx/i4 Sl, Lightspeed RT 16 Sl, Lightspeed RT 4 Slic, Lightspeed Ultra 8 S, Lightspeed VCT 32 Sl, Lightspeed VCT 64 Sl, LS Qxi H1, LS Ultra 8-Octane, MOBILE Aquilion 16 S, MOBILE Lightspeed 16, MOBILE, Lightspeed UI, MX8000 IDT 16 Water, Nxi Dual Slice, Nxi Pro Dual Slice, Optima 540, Optima 660, Qxi H1 Quad Slice, Qxi Quad Slice, Revolution 256 Slice, Ultra 8 Slice, Ultra 8 Slice MOBILE, VCT 64 Slice.


No matter what type you are looking for in a C-arm purchase, we locate the right unit for you from top brands such as Comed KMC-950 Full, Durabilt Table, Flouroscan Insight 2 Mini, Premier Encore Mini, Fluoroscan Premier, Premier-6 Full; GE OEC 660 Mini; Genoray Zen 7000 9”; Hologic Insight 2 Mini, Hologic Insight 2 Mini, Hologic Premier Mini, Hologic Insight II mini, Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Mini; Medstone Table; Morgan Table, Morgan ELTM, Oakworks Dual Post Table, Oakworks FL40 Table; OEC 9600 12” Full, OEC 9800-9 Vascular Full, OEC 9600-9 Full, OEC 9800-12 Vascular, OEC 9800 Plus ESP, OEC 9600 Super C Full, OEC 9900 Elite Super C Full, OEC 9600-12 Full, OEC 9800 Plus GSP Full, OEC 6800 Mini, OEC 6800HP Mini, OEC MiniView, OEC 9800 Super-C GSP Full, OEC 9900 Elite Super C Full, OEC 6800 Mini, OEC 9800-12 LCD, OEC 980012 Vascular Full, OEC 990 Elite Full, OEC 6800 Mini, 8800 9” Full, OEC 9800 ESP Full, OEC 9600 9”, OEC 9600 GSP Full, OEC 8800 9” ESP Full, OEC 9800 Super-C ESP Full, OEC 6800 Mini, OEC 9600 Super C, OEC Vasula Full, OEC Flexiview 8800 Full, OEC Brivo Full, OEC 6800 Mini, OEC 6800-6 HP Mini, OEC 990 Super C Full, OEC 990 Super C GSP Full, OEC 9400 9” Full, OEC 9400 Full, OEC 9900 Elite Full, OEC 9400 Full; Orthoscan HD Mini, Orthoscan 1000 FD Mini, Orthoscan Mobile DI Mini, Orthoscan UC Mini; Philips Libra-9 Full, Philips Pulsera 12” Full, Philips BV Libra Full, Philips Pulsera 12” Vascular Full, Philips BV Pulsera 9” Full, Philips BV-30 Full, Philips BV 300 Plus Full; Siemens Compact L, Siemans Compact L, Siemans Arcadis Orbic 3D, Siemans Arcadis Varic, Siemans Siremobile Iso-C, Siemans Varic Gen II, Siemans Avantic, Siemans Varic-9 Vascular, Siemans Cios Alpha, Siemans Arcadis Avantic Card; Stille ImagIQ Vascular, Stille ImagIQ Vascular;  Ziem Vista, Ziem 7000-12 Vascular, Ziem Vision-R12”, Ziem Quantum, Ziem Vision FD, Ziem 7000, Ziem Exposcop 7000.


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