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Vendors & Brokers

Sell more - faster - and easier, than ever before.  In select industries, like the medical field, we have developed an automated "App Only" process that takes the hassle out of getting approved, closed and funded.  App Only means no financial statements are needed on the individual or company.  By automating origination and doc presentment, TCP offers a best-in-class solution that can be accessed via smartphone or computer.

The app opens into a field-formatted document which, when completed, routes the information to a customized decision-engine (“DE”) driven by TCP's approval parameters.  For an application that passes the prescribed underwriting rules, the Software as Service (“Saas”) will automatically pull a credit report and immediately analyze the data against our criteria (time in business, credit score, number of personal credit accounts, amount of revolving credit available, average deposit account balances, and company credit score.)  Proprietary funding tables calculate payments and terms.

Should the lease not automatically be approved, it is immediately routed to TCP personnel for further review, conditioning and decision.

Assuming the lease meets prescribed standards, vendor & boker/customer will immediately receive a notification with TCP/bank’s Terms & Conditions.

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