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Fluoroscan Mini C Arms - New & Used C-Arms

BEST Prices.  All Brands & Types.  Contact us Today!

Why TCP Leasing?  TCP has been in the new and used image system financing industry since 1996.  We will find and compare prices for the equipment you are looking for - for free.  Our focus at TCP is end to end service, from locating the equipment you need, to supplying you pre-approved financing alternatives, to packing, shipping, installation, and technical service completed by skilled professionals.

Whatever C-arm scanner you are looking for, TCP has the resources, expertly trained staff, and expertise to get the job done correctly.  We will find you the custom refurbished CT scanner to meet every financial and technical specification you require.  You'll have peace of mind with TCP, knowing that we'll walk you through every step of the C-arm purchasing process.  Contact us today, there's no obligation and we're ready to help!  919.760.3972

Let us locate the equipment you need, at the best possible price.  Get us working on your behalf today!  No obligation.

No matter what type you are looking for in a C-arm purchase, we locate the right unit for you from top brands such as Comed KMC-950 Full, Durabilt Table, Flouroscan Insight 2 Mini, Premier Encore Mini, Fluoroscan Premier, Premier-6 Full; GE OEC 660 Mini; Genoray Zen 7000 9”; Hologic Insight 2 Mini, Hologic Insight 2 Mini, Hologic Premier Mini, Hologic Insight II mini, Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Mini; Medstone Table; Morgan Table, Morgan ELTM, Oakworks Dual Post Table, Oakworks FL40 Table; OEC 9600 12” Full, OEC 9800-9 Vascular Full, OEC 9600-9 Full, OEC 9800-12 Vascular, OEC 9800 Plus ESP, OEC 9600 Super C Full, OEC 9900 Elite Super C Full, OEC 9600-12 Full, OEC 9800 Plus GSP Full, OEC 6800 Mini, OEC 6800HP Mini, OEC MiniView, OEC 9800 Super-C GSP Full, OEC 9900 Elite Super C Full, OEC 6800 Mini, OEC 9800-12 LCD, OEC 980012 Vascular Full, OEC 990 Elite Full, OEC 6800 Mini, 8800 9” Full, OEC 9800 ESP Full, OEC 9600 9”, OEC 9600 GSP Full, OEC 8800 9” ESP Full, OEC 9800 Super-C ESP Full, OEC 6800 Mini, OEC 9600 Super C, OEC Vasula Full, OEC Flexiview 8800 Full, OEC Brivo Full, OEC 6800 Mini, OEC 6800-6 HP Mini, OEC 990 Super C Full, OEC 990 Super C GSP Full, OEC 9400 9” Full, OEC 9400 Full, OEC 9900 Elite Full, OEC 9400 Full; Orthoscan HD Mini, Orthoscan 1000 FD Mini, Orthoscan Mobile DI Mini, Orthoscan UC Mini; Philips Libra-9 Full, Philips Pulsera 12” Full, Philips BV Libra Full, Philips Pulsera 12” Vascular Full, Philips BV Pulsera 9” Full, Philips BV-30 Full, Philips BV 300 Plus Full; Siemens Compact L, Siemans Compact L, Siemans Arcadis Orbic 3D, Siemans Arcadis Varic, Siemans Siremobile Iso-C, Siemans Varic Gen II, Siemans Avantic, Siemans Varic-9 Vascular, Siemans Cios Alpha, Siemans Arcadis Avantic Card; Stille ImagIQ Vascular, Stille ImagIQ Vascular;  Ziem Vista, Ziem 7000-12 Vascular, Ziem Vision-R12”, Ziem Quantum, Ziem Vision FD, Ziem 7000, Ziem Exposcop 7000.

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