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Used CT Scanner Sales - GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba

Locations across the U.S.A.  Full project assistance.  Call us today!

Why TCP Leasing?  TCP has been in the new and used image system financing industry since 1996.  We will find and compare prices for the equipment you are looking for - for free.  Our focus at TCP is end to end service, from locating the equipment you need, to supplying you pre-approved financing alternatives, to packing, shipping, installation, and technical service completed by skilled professionals.

Whatever CT scanner you are looking for, TCP has the resources, expertly trained staff, and expertise to get the job done correctly.  We will find you the custom refurbished CT scanner to meet every financial and technical specification you require.  You'll have peace of mind with TCP, knowing that we'll walk you through every step of the CT scanner purchasing process.  Contact us today, there's no obligation and we're ready to help!  919.760.3972

Let us locate the equipment you need, at the best possible price.  Get us working on your behalf today!  No obligation.

No matter what type you are looking for in CT equipment, we locate the right CT unit for you from top brands such as Philips, including the Philips Acqsim, Acqsim Big Bore, Acqsim Single Slice, Biograph 40 Slice Brilliance 40 Slice, Brilliance 6 Slice, Brilliance 64 Slice, Brilliance Big Bore, S5332Q Dura Akron, Brilliance ICT Essen, Brilliance IDT 16 Slice, Dunlee CTR 21150, Dunlee CTR 2112, ICT 256 Slice, MOBILE Brilliance 16, MRC 600 & 800; Toshiba, including the Toshiba Activion 16 Slice, Aquilion 160 Slice, Aquilion 64 Slice, Aquilion MS 16 Slice, Aquilion One 320 Slice, Asteion Multi/Quad, Asteion Super 4 Slice, Siemens, including the Siemens Definition AS Plus 1, DS 128 Slice, Emotion 16 Slice, Emotion 6 Slice, Emotion Duo, Sensation 10 Slice, Sensation 16 Slice O, Sensation 40 Slice, Sensation 64 Slice, Sensation Open 16 Slice, Somatom Emotion 16, Somatom Emotion 6, Somatom Sensation 16, Somatom Sensation 40, Somatom Sensation 64, Somaton Volume Zoom; GE including the BrightSpeed Elite 16, BrightSpeed Elite SE, BrightSpeed Excel 4, Brilliance 16 Slice, Brilliance 4 Slice, Brilliance Edge 8 Slice, Brivo 385, CT/e, CT580 Wide Bore 16 S, Cti, Cti Single Slice, Discovery HD 750, Discovery LS 16 Slice, DLS4, Lightspeed 16 PRO Xt, Lightspeed 16 Slice, Lightspeed 32 Slice, Lightspeed 4 Slice, Lightspeed 8 Slice, Lightspeed CT/iSing, Lightspeed Plus 4 Sl, Lightspeed Pro 16 Sl, Lightspeed QX/I, Lightspeed Qx/i4 Sl, Lightspeed RT 16 Sl, Lightspeed RT 4 Slic, Lightspeed Ultra 8 S, Lightspeed VCT 32 Sl, Lightspeed VCT 64 Sl, LS Qxi H1, LS Ultra 8-Octane, MOBILE Aquilion 16 S, MOBILE Lightspeed 16, MOBILE, Lightspeed UI, MX8000 IDT 16 Water, Nxi Dual Slice, Nxi Pro Dual Slice, Optima 540, Optima 660, Qxi H1 Quad Slice, Qxi Quad Slice, Revolution 256 Slice, Ultra 8 Slice, Ultra 8 Slice MOBILE, VCT 64 Slice.

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