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From the corner store to a Fortune 100 factory, businesses everywhere choose to lease equipment for a number of different reasons. 


100% Financing - Some lenders require 10-30% down on an equipment purchase.


Cash Preservation - Leasing allows companies to use cash elsewhere.


Managed Obsolescence - Firms can get equipment that match their production needs.


Inflationary Hedge - Pay for equipment use in current period dollars.


Matched Cash Flows - Companies can have rental payments set to seasonal cash flows.


Current Technology - Installation may be included with cost of equipment.


Tax-Oriented Leases - Can afford lessee lower rental payments. 


Finance Leases - Payments generally 100% deductible for lessee.


No Hassle Disposal- Management by third-party keeps company focused on operations


Structure - Fixed versus floating rate.  Up to 7 years versus 1-3 on traditional loan.


We are a boutique firm that teams with a business owner's existing advisors; working to add value by combining financial planning and capital markets strategy in an integrated approach.

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