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Each year American businesses acquire over $1.3 billion in capital goods and software, excluding real estate.  Almost three-quarters of the companies making  purchases utilize some sort of equipment financing.


Leasing represents a flexible alternative that helps organizations get the equipment they need to operate - under terms most beneficial than a traditional loan.


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Who Leases?



All kinds of businesses; from the largest multinationals and professional practices, to "mom 'n pop" stores; utilize leasing as a way of acquiring the equipment they need.




Companies have different needs.  A start-up might have limited cash and lines of credit available for equipment purchases. Mature firms might need to limit outflows in order to comply with debt covenants.




TCP has helped thousands of companies.  Value's always in the details.  Providing financing alternatives is about crafting a compelling structure that meets a company's needs, and does so as quickly as possible.

Defining Belief


"Success in business comes from repeat customers - clients that sing your praises, and that refer others to you."
                                 -Terry Hutchens, President & CEO
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